Standard bank's zero standards
Published by Hlengi28 on Apr 13, 2017

Standard bank's zero standards

Got a call last Tuesday afternoon 13:58 on 4/4/2017 from a lady who said shes from standard bank about S Van Niekerk who deposited 5k by mistake in my loan revolving account i have with them. Told her I can't authorize for any money to be taken from the account as i can't trust shes from standard bank and she couldn't even email me proof of the transaction. I am only paying the account to settle my debt i can't access the money anymore. I also don't have statements as proof since standard bank hasn't been emailing me even after asking on several occasions. I called the bank on Thursday 6/4/2017 and they confirmed 5k was deposited on the 20th of February from a capitec account. I told standard bank consultant to credit S Van Niekerk, she said she can't do it and there's no note of who made the call and suggested I go to branch. I told her i am not spending my time and money to go fix a mistake i didn't make. She continued to say that if standard bank wants the money the person handling the query will call me.  Today the 13/4/2017 at 11:59 i got a call from constable who said S Van Niekerk is at the police station to open a case against me. STANDARD BANK GAVE MY CELL NUMBER TO A STRANGER AND ADVISED HER TO OPEN A CASE AGAINST ME. I told the so called constable my story and that I am not going to the bank as they were capable of sorting the query relephonically on the 4th of April now all of a sudden they want me to go to the bank just because I wanted to confirm the incident first. I even asked to speak to S Van Niekerk and told her the same. STANDARD BANK HAS PUT ME AT RISK BY GIVING OUT MY DETAILS TO A STRANGER AND DEFORMED MY CHARACTER. THEY REALLY HAVE POOR COMPLAINT RESOLUTION PROCESS. 

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