Unbelievable, The third time, Easter Weekend Ruined thanks for nothing
Published by christopher-jacobus-liebenberg on Apr 15, 2017

Unbelievable, The third time, Easter Weekend Ruined thanks for nothing

Okay so thursday i got the car back and they said everything is sorted, LIES ! The audio controls on the steering is broken now and engine sealing rubber also, Aswel as the egine light on again throwing out errors again Engine Fault: Repair Needed. I just don't know what to do anymore you guys keep on providing absolute **** service, Went back today Saturday tried letting them come pick the car up said they can only on Tuesday as its easter weekend. Absolute **** my whole easter weekend ruined what will i use now to travel to another town, NO Transport whatsoever, Thank Imperial Select for the absolutely lovely service( Sarcasm) Its the worst ! My next step is to see if I cannot get any attorneys involved I cannot keep on struggling with this as I need Transport to get to work, I have daily problems to worry about and I cannot have unreliable transport as you guys provided I am very dissapointed and I wil keep on posting till my problem is 110% Resolved, I wil keep on telling people never to buy from Imperial Select Multi Franchise

2 months ago
Official business reply:

We refer to your previous post which has been taken up with management at the dealership and apologise that you have experienced further problems.


(Without Prejudice)

National Customer Care Manager – Imperial Select

AMH Multifranchise www.imperialselect.co.za

T: 087 376 0000




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