Appalling Customer Service
Published by Eddie57 on May 19, 2017

Appalling Customer Service

I had the ONT unit installed on the 24th April. When the installers left they said the unit was not yet sync'd to the network because Open Serve were working on the street box. Once that was finished the unit would sync.


When I got up on the morning of the 25th April the unit had fallen off the wall becasue they try to stick it to the wall! REALLY??


Since then, with the help of MWEB, I have been battling to get them to send technicians around to fix the issue.

On the 9th May I received an SMS with a ticket number advising my call had been finally logged. But still no one came round and no one from Vumatel called me. 


Despite numerous escalations from MWEB to Vumatel I heard nothing until Friday 12th May. One of their Technicians called. 'I'm outside you Gate can you let me in'. No no one is home and won't be until 5 pm. 'Oh, ok. I'll come back at 5 pm'. He never did.


On Weds 17th May I get a call from their "CC". 'Our technicians are at your Gate can you let them in'. Once again, no one is at home. I know sadly there is a lot of unempoyment in SA but Vumatel seems to be under the impression that everyone sits at home waiting for them to arrive. Whilst on the call I establish they also have the wrong street name! I correct it. I advise Friday is a good day becasue I can make an arrangement to be there if they can get there for 09:00. The agent verbally guarantees me they will be there and she has corrected the address.


 At, 10:00, this morning, I called Vumatel and after being cut-off three times whilst trying to talk with their CC Agent I managed to get to speak to someone who put me on hold for 20 mins, then transferred me to a Kagiso? in installation who told me the call had not been scheduled for today.

She then transferred me to their scheduling department who couldn't confirm if the call was scheduled or not but did confirm that they still had the wrong address. Do they have a CMS with a database? or is just pen and paper?

The lady then explained she would update the address, look into the issue, talk with the department that handles 'tickets' (bizarre!!) and would have someone call me back. I waited until 12:30 and then had to go to work. Still no one has rung back (now 17:13 pm, I'm sure there all in the Pub). I also doubt very much that the address has been updated.


I know poor service delivery is kinda national sport in SA, but these Guys are right up. If there was an Olympics for appalling servcie delivery they would be World record holders and Olympic Gold Medalists.


I note their CEO, Mr N Schoeman, likes to publise himself as a 'Serial Entrepreneur' this is likely so because he is also a 'Serial Non Deliverer'


Pathetic does even come close.


I am left speechless at their utter incompetence and lack of customer service. I still don’t know when, if ever,  they might be coming back (oh, and by the way the unit is still not sync'd to the network).

2 months ago
Official business reply:

Good day Eddie

We sincerely apologise for any inconvenience caused and understand your frustration.
Kindly note that we have escalated your issue to the Scheduling Department and Installation Manager for further assistance . We will be in contact with you shortly.

Should you require any further assistance, kindly email us at [email protected]
Once again, apologies for the inconvenience caused. 

Kind Regards, 
The VUMA Team

2 months ago

It's now Weds, 24th May and still no contact from Vumatel

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