VW McCarthy Broke my car with Their Faulty Clutch installed in my car.
Published by givenkokela on Jul 17, 2017

VW McCarthy Broke my car with Their Faulty Clutch installed in my car.

I took my vehicle Golf 6 TSi, Now at 88 000 km for a repair at McCarthy Parow.

McCarthy Parow VW,  performed Sub-standard  clutch repair on my Vehicle, leaving my car Vibrating/shuddering on take of and every stop, my car vibrated. When this car was returned to them, they said this was Normal. Another VW performed independent test and found that the parts were faulty, and replacement was necessary. the service manager remained stubborn even when they explained to him why these needs to be changed. He (Verdi) responded by saying we must do what we think is best. In his workshop, these problems would not bother him 


This repair was done in December 2016, and the car was back to VW Parow in January for them to correct this. Since that time and now, this car has been booked in more than 6 times, for period of 3 weeks, 4 day, and 2 months periods. only once I was offered a Courtesy car. Till now, the fault has not been repaired because Verdi, the service manager, is trying to save cost at my expense. 


My car is lying opened at Barons VW awaiting authorisation from McCarthy VW to proceed with the recommended repair of replacing the Flywheel, clutch kit (Clutch and Pressured plate), which till this stage, No decision has been granted. I have gone without a vehicle atleast 2 months this year due to McCarthy Parow, and still continuing. Is it my racial orientation or the fact that I did not shout that delays this process. 


VW in collusion with RMI, Deon Radameyor, and Met up and concluded how they were going to keep me quite without resolving my problem, pretending to be independent. During the test, they forgot to be independent and started talking about the good old times, RMI is a scheme meant to mislead customers. VWSA got a report from one of their branches indicating that the problem is in their process. They just distance themselves.


I am currently awaiting the way forwards. Quotation to repair this is R18 711.96. Report and quotation for the repair obtained. As per McCarthy service manager, the clutch shudder is normal, even if it was not there before you brought the car in.

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