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Virgin Money South Africa

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6 days ago
Reviewed by Winzoblack 2

Here we go again.....

My credit card expired....long ago. They said they would send me a new one. I asked that it go to my nearest ABSA branch. They ignored me and tried sending a courier. The card went back. On the secon...

1 week ago
Reviewed by annikavn 4

Internet Banking

I Just spent 75 minutes on the phone with Virgin money.... I cannot log into my Internet Banking for some reason, and I don't receive the Checksure sms that is being sent to my cellphone when I try t...

2 weeks ago
Reviewed by Winzoblack 2

No card to swipe!

Ever since my credit card expired this company has failed to give me a new one. I told them I want it delivered to my nearest ABSA branch but they insist on sending it with a courier company who canno...

2 weeks ago
Reviewed by Fortucandy 6

Internet Banking Fee

I wrote a complaint regarding one of my credit cards which had a charge of R60 (INET/MOB FEE/FOOI) and i was told it is for internet banking. This morning i got a call from Virgin money and i was told...

2 weeks ago
Reviewed by louren-cotton 1

Pathetic Service at Virgin Money Call Center

I applied for a credit card and was advised were required. I sent through the documents and was advised Monday 3 October 2016 that everything is in order and I will have and answer in 24-48 hours time...

2 weeks ago
Reviewed by Fortucandy 6

Internet banking charge????? ***???

I want to query this transaction/charge that happened on the 30th sep 2016 on my credit card account. The transaction is for R60 and the description on the statement is INET/MOB FEE/FOOI Please get...

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Virgin Money South Africa