Completely worn down by Telkom
Published by lee-geldenhuys on Jun 17, 2017

Completely worn down by Telkom

In February, I changed ISP’s from Mweb to RSAweb. During the changeover, my Telkom line was inactive for a short period. Telkom took it upon themselves to cancel the line entirely, with no permission or confirmation from me. When they reconnected the line, (which I had to wait two days for), whether by coincidence or general ineptitude, the line was terrible. It dropped over and over again, making using it almost impossible.


I logged a fault, and the Telkom technician just never came, and marked the job as complete. I had to log another fault. A Telkom technician and his colleague spent most of a Saturday at my flat, working on the line. They ensured me there were no problems, but that my router was potentially faulty due to its age, and left. The very next evening my internet came to a complete standstill. No amount of reboots helped.


I bought a new router but still nothing. I had huge fights with RSAweb, resulting in my firing them for their poor customer service, and moving back to Mweb, but still nothing worked. Two ISP’s and two routers down, a family friend sent their IT guy to come help me. By now I had spent a fortune on new equipment, data and airtime, and taken leave from work - this IT guy couldn’t figure it out either. He ran full diagnostics on both routers, confirming that they were both fully functional. Telkom noted that the exchange was down for two days for scheduled maintenance (which I wasn’t notified of either), so they couldn’t help me on the day the IT guy was at my house. By now I didn’t have internet for two weeks.

Each time I phoned Telkom they told me it was Mweb, and each time I phoned Mweb they said it was Telkom. Both companies merrily keep charging me for a service I’m not receiving. Mweb couldn’t register the line at all, and couldn’t even log in using Telkom’s guest account. I tried once again to log a fault online, but all of a sudden I couldn’t, receiving a message that the line was invalid.

A Telkom technician came out again, to find that the whole underground line had to be completely replaced, which he did. I still couldn’t connect. By now I had been talked through the correct router and account set up for both routers, by both Telkom and Mweb. I landed up breaking down and crying like a small child in front of the Telkom technician because I couldn’t afford the continued data and airtime expenses, especially since I work from home and had to turn down jobs and paying rent is now a stress for me. So many strangers have traipsed through my home during the last month, a cause for anxiety in itself, none of which could help me and I feel like I’m losing my mind.

On Wednesday, I woke up to a Telkom bill of over R1000. On further investigation, it turned out that when Telkom had to reconnect my line in Feb, they added a data package to my account, which I had also never asked for. I had to spend close to an hour on the phone with Telkom billing, then sales, and the billing again to sort it out. I still cannot connect.

A final technician came to my home this morning. He kept talking over me, interrupting me, being patronizing and impatient even when I started crying. He told me that I needed to phone Mweb from my phone to sort it out, and that he was charging me R600 because he wasn’t even supposed to be working today - to the point where I asked him to leave because he was starting the become mean to me in my own home. I CANNOT have Telkom tell me it’s Mweb, and vice versa one more time, I have no fight left in me for this. Everyone is merrily charging me for a service I’m not receiving, stealing time and money that I simply don’t have, and no one seems to be able to help me. Telkom has consistently *****ed up since February, and a month, two routers, two ISPs and a third party technician later, all roads still seem to point there. And no one will help. I can’t do this anymore.

1 week ago
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1 week ago

Hi Noleen


Thank you for your email. To note my response regarding the incorrect account details being linked to my line:


No, this is not my username, and I still have no connection.


Should this be what no one has been able to pick up on for the better part of a month, I would please like the following course of action to be followed:


1. The correct account details will obviously be added.

2. I will not be charged any of the unnecessary call out fees that I have been threatened with.


3.I will be credited for the month of internet that I didn't receive (This is only in the region of R165 - I will not ask for a refund on the new router, or any of the data and airtime I had to buy because of this, or for the loss of income it caused in my freelance capacity.)


4. The technician that was at my house on Saturday will be contacted and told that despite him repeatedly repeating that I "need to listen nicely," that he wasn't supposed to work that day, and who was ultimately deeply patronizing towards me despite my explaining what had happened in detail, and despite my starting to cry, that this was, in fact, Telkom's fault,


5. And finally, my account dispute for the incorrectly reconnected (and incorrectly disconnected) line be expedited. Ref no ********** 9.


5 days ago

Wow you guys actually disgust me. I was just phoned by a woman who notified me that I will not have the R1000 taken off my bill because it was apparently all my fault, because Telkom took over the service when I changed ISP in February and now all of a sudden started charging me. HOW can you charge people for a service that they NEVER ASKED FOR? HOW do you charge customers for a service they never signed off on? SHOW ME the documentation where I okayed the addition of a Telkom data package onto my line? If you have PROOF that I asked for this, then sure. I'll pay you. But until then, I consider you a company of thieves.

This is ON TOP of the fact that my line STILL doesn't work. This is on top of the fact that I have not had internet for a MONTH. This is ON TOP of the new R700 router that I bought at your technicians prompting, which turned out to not be the issue whatsoever. This is ON TOP of the loss of income that you have caused me due to my not being able to freelance from home. ON TOP of the airtime and data that you have COST ME to try sort this STRING of mess ups out. You have bled me DRY.

All I want is for my bill to be cleared so that I can cancel my Telkom account in its entirety because I have been begging and pleading over one thing after the other since FEBRUARY.

Telkom has completely drained me of my dignity - the fact that I have been worn out to the point where I have broken down crying to and in front of your staff repeatedly is both out of character and humiliating. I CANNOT do this anymore.


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