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1 week ago
Press & Media
Reviewed by ChristaOlivier 1

I only asked for ONE Change and Avusa Media Could Not Get it Right

On aboutn 4 July I called to cancel my daily subscription "The Times" and retain only the weekly "Sunday Times" Well to date this has not been the case, I continued to receive both the Times and the S...

2 weeks ago
Press & Media
Reviewed by dawnestephens 4

Sunday Times subscription renewal

My dad has been a loyal subscriber/reader of the Sunday Times for many years. His subscription came up for renewal this month and was promptly paid for the coming year. He read an advert in The Time...

2 weeks ago
Press & Media
Reviewed by 412DIGGP 1

Pathetic Service - non-delivery of Sunday Times

For the past few months I have been logging complaints with the Sunday Times call centre complaining about the non-delivery of my Sunday Times.  I have not seen the paper for 5 weeks in a row.  Everty...

2 weeks ago
Press & Media
Reviewed by BelindahL 1

Non delivery of paper

I subscribed during August 2016 and paid. No paper has been delivered but subscription fee for both Sunday times and Times have been taken. This is frustrating and daylight robbery. If you can't deliv...

4 weeks ago
Press & Media
Reviewed by Saabz3 3


Last week Monday we did a payment to the Sunday Times, it's been over a  week with no paper being delivered. Teboho Mohlakoana has been in zero contact with me, after promising some feedback! I want t...

1 month ago
Press & Media
Reviewed by mhlengi-mzelemu 3

Subscription Delivery

Sunday Times did not did not deliver my newspapers on the 7/08 and on 14/08 while they deducted the fee on the 25 July 2016.    They also failed to deliver the Times newspaper which they said it was...

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