Gordon Simmonds from Frog Realty- San Lameer Villa 2503
Published by MelissaGravett on Jan 3, 2017

Gordon Simmonds from Frog Realty- San Lameer Villa 2503

My husband and I booked a week at San Lameer which we were really excited about and is much needed... Gordon Simmonds emailed me on 20 December 2016 to say he had UPGRADED us...  Well according to the definition of of the Oxford dictionary this is by no means an upgrade... upon arrival of our unit which we have paid R12 000 for we were absolutely disgusted! The unit is furnished with very basic and quite frankly old and ugly furniture... There was linen left out on a table; battery lying on the floor in what was supposed to be the room our 1 year old and 3 year old would sleep in... Broken cupboard door in the same room which almost hurt our children luckily my husband caught it... recepit in the main bedrooms cupboard with a broken shelf.... The fridge stank of tinned pickled fish which was left opened in the fridge along with a mielie on a plate, more pickled fish in a bowl, milk, jam, marscepone, beetroot jar, and various other items of food with a dirty fridge that hadnt been cleaned.... I then opened the deep freeze to look for ice...  Well in there was coleslaw, another ceramic bowl with salad, more pickled fish and NO Ice... so i had to clean this up... WE PAID R12 000 FOR ME TO CLEAN UP AFTER PREVIOUS OCCUPANTS WHAT THE HELL???????? In the lounge the window is broken so guess how they keep this closed.... With a packet tied to the coffee table!!!! We then wanted to bath our children.... NO BATH TOWELS WHEN WE WERE TOLD TO ONLY BRING BEACH TOWELS... The cleaning lady eventually brought is bath towels after 6pm.... HOW DO YOU DO THAT WHEN CHECK IN IS FROM 2PM?!?!?! Finally my husband and I sit down to braai our Woolworths meat and as we take a bite the meat is covered in sand... Weber with the broken handle was obviously not cleaned just like the patio which has sand all over it...  We havent even been to the beach so its not from us.... When informing Gordon Simmonds he does not have the curtosy to phone either my husband or myself back once rather just sends random messages saying the cleaning lady is coming and that he will have to let us know later about a refund.... His other amazing response was when I asked him how do I know that we are sleeping on clean linen if the unit looks like this? He tells me that he was next door in the morning and the people told him it was cleaned... Well Mr Simmonds I have sent you photos to prove that this is a filthy, unsafe and terrible unit! Gordon Simmonds from Frog Realty is the most unprofessional realty agent and will place you in a dump for a large amount of money...  We are disappointed and disgusted in this so much! 

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