hellopeter Pro Membership

hellopeter Pro Membership

When joining the hellopeter Pro Membership programme, you gain access to a wide range of free services. Keep reading to find out more about them.

Workflows & Escalations

Discount Mall

Find exciting discounts and lifestyle benefits from over 280 of South Africa’s leading brands! There are no points to keep track of. No complicated formulas. You just log in and get your discounts – instantly every day. Save on cars, clothing, gifts, restaurants, travel deals and so much more.

Why sign up?
• Saves you time and money
• Over 450 discounts available
• Over 280 brands



The concierge service is there to assist you with any request you may have relating to your everyday requirements. It is like having a personal assistant who is just a phone call away. Our consultants will assist with finding information, prices, quotes and referrals on anything you need. We will send you the three most competitive quotes, with a supplier in a convenient location for you – for anything from buying a new car, finding a house to rent, or even buying dinner! Our services are personalised and tailored to your needs. The concierge service will give you the gift of time – you just need to make one phone call - and our consultants will find the best possible solution for you.

Workflows & Escalations

Legal Assist

Legal Assist is a 24-hour telephonic legal advice line manned by qualified and experienced in-house attorneys for guidance and information on all legal matters. The in-house attorneys are available 24/7/365 to provide assistance across an extensive scope of legal issues ranging from criminal offences and labour matters to debt and divorce. You also have access to a library of useful standard documentation.

Unlimited general telephonic legal advice which includes:
• criminal offences
• labour matters
• fines
• debt
• contracts
• divorce
• maintenance
• motor vehicle accidents

You will have access to our national panel of attorneys where they will enjoy the following benefits:
• one free 30-minute consultation p.a.
• one free letter p.a.
• one telephone call p.a.

Workflows & Escalations

Credit Assist

Credit Assist is South Africa’s leading consumer financial wellness solution, using real time credit bureau information from leading credit bureaus to help you build, manage and protect your credit status. Credit Assist will show you how to improve your credit scores and affordability while helping you to decrease your debt utilisation.

Credit Assist provides expert advice, education, access to tools and alerts to help build your credit status.

You will get:
• One Bureau Credit report p.a.
• Credit Assists makes understanding your credit history simple with all your credit information in one easy to read comparative report
• Members will receive 1 comparative report every 12 months
• Web and Mobi access
• Access to intelligent tools like id risk and debt assessment

Credit Status
• Your status is a ranking which plots you from A+ (Excellent) to an F (Poor) which will help you understand and manage your creditworthiness

Credit Scores
• See your credit scores and how you rank

Expert advice
Unlimited access to our expert consultants who will advise you on how you can improve all elements of your credit standing and how to get there.

Professional Services
• Dependent on your requirement and financial position the following services are available:
• Debt Counselling or Mediation (These services are for the member to pay)
• Our qualified and registered Counsellors will:
• Provide debt advice
• An over-indebtedness assessment
• Restructure debt
• Negotiate with creditors
• Draft a restructure proposal to creditors



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