Unable to provide and efficient service
Published by neil-gain on May 15, 2017

Unable to provide and efficient service

I took my car the RDG on the 2nd May, I recieved an email from Hayley stating "if quotation is rejected you the client would still be held liable for strip and quote charges the gearbox will not be put back together and vehicle will have to be towed away" .on the 4th may i was asked to come into the workshop to see what parts were damaged. Upon arrival, I was to see Mark, he was not availble and another technician showed me what was wrong. he explained that the 3rd gear fork was damaged that needed to be replaced, as for the other parts, the damage it done, and there with be a slight noise on the gearbox to which I replied, it's fine.

It was also suggested that some ball bearings be replaced. i said okay, get a quote for the parts, and also get a quote for a new gearbox just for interest sake, after receiving the quote for a new gearbox R18900 and parts totlalling to R17000, I asked Hayley why should all those parts highlighted be replaced, this was not what the technician exlained and showed me. Hayley then mentioned that a 55% Markup in added on all parts, the cost of the parts on the first quote according to Hayley already totalled to R17000, + 55%. markup, The techniciant  suggested only the 3rd gear fork and bearings were required, but Hayley got a quote for parts of the entire gearbox.

Quite honetsly had I been informed that a 55% markup is charged at the time i engaged with RDG, i would not have gone through with using them. To not disclosed such information is misleading the customer, this is the very reason why  they tell me they wont put the gearbox together after i rejected the quote is, i enquired with Hayley, how do you justify 55% Markup on parts, which she replied this is company policy. On the one hand I made it very clear to hayley I am renting a vehicle which cost R1300 PER week, + I had to pay a deposit of R3900 Upfront for the rental, It is already going into the the 3rd week, They are dragging quotes so long forcing the customer, to reject and collect the car, so they can capitalize on the strip cost. I am now forced to seek legal advise because i have already spent more than what i was planning for rental



2 months ago
Official business reply:

RDG has contacted the customer and customer has been advised that he may collect his vehicle and that we would refit the transmission for him in good faith as no repairs have been made . It is Industry standard to charge for refit but we at RDG always strive to accommodate our customers 


we believe this has been resolved and thank you for the criticism we believe that feedback positive or negative is the only way we can improve on service excellence 

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