Problems with Debit Oders
Published by anke-erasmus on Jul 13, 2017

Problems with Debit Oders

I was a member of Virgen active for 9/10 years, and recently moved over to Planet Fitness because they are closer to where I live.


I was very excited, as it is a stunning gym and great facilities and with sharing my excitement 3 of my colleagues "warned" me that they always has problems with Planet Fitness' debit orders, either they deduct to much or rob themselves by deducting to little - I did not listen to them and joined anyway.


SO when my FIRST debit order for me and my husband collected it was WRONG! Can I say this was a surprise, perhaps not? The most surprising thing was actually the incompetence of 4 call centre and 3 employees of the gym itself to submit refunds and fix the problem.


I paid the R1700 per person to activate our Vitality with the gym already on the 6th of June, so when my debit order collected 25 June, is was not the vitality premium. What they then did was to, unauthorised, change my bank details (29 June)!!

So Monday they did not want me to enter the gym as they said we owe THEM money and that my bank details is incorrect.

Now, today (13 July) I received an email that the refund for me is submitted, when I called them there is no record that my husband has to get a refund, ALL info for both of us was given every time.

I was very friendly and very patient up until now. But this is just wrong and after being with Virgen active for so many years and never having a problem I am very sad that I moved to Planet Fitness and I have only been there for a month.

I cannot believe that the BIG GUYS like @DiscoveryVitality associate themselves with a company that do business like this.

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