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3.9/10 hpi
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Reviewed by allyson-rigney 1

Store Manager attitude

I visited Pick n Pay Bluff branch this morning, and was shocked to see that store manager shane shouting aggressively and pointing his finger in a females face, the female that wears a red two piece s...

12 hours ago
Reviewed by alexandra-galpin 1

Clothing sizes so small and shrinks when washed

very disappointed in PP's clothing recently. The sizes are SO small and I'm a petite build! It's like the clothing was made for Asian people. Washed a Large T-shirt on a cold wash cycle and it shrunk...

13 hours ago
Reviewed by sneshhh 2


I'm so disappointed today,i usually eat their chakalaka it has always been da best but 2day I got tinned chakalaka that had a sour taste,it tastes exactly like koo chakalaka, nw y would I waste me mon...

13 hours ago
Reviewed by ckmelany 2

No Stock and drinks always hot

Went to Pick n Pay to buy Fresh Baked White Bread and some Bean Stew. At the bakery they tell me they not baking white bread today only brown and they dont have bean stew its finished at 13:00. There...

14 hours ago
Reviewed by lauren-van-zyl 1

Smart shopper card cancelled

I am fuming that Pick n Pay cancelled my smart shopper card without my consent. I phoned the number on the back of the card three times. The first two times I was cut off after navigating through the...

15 hours ago
Reviewed by Eben_Terblanche 2

Excellent Support

There is a truism in business that if you are happy with the service you receive from a company you tell your friends. If you are unhappy you tell everyone. Luckily this forum exists for both purposes...

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