MTN - Making a bad experience, even worse
Published by tom-van-den-bon on Jun 14, 2017

MTN - Making a bad experience, even worse

I had the unfortunate experience of having being involved in an attempted hijacking in middle April. I managed to get away but my phone was stolen in the process. When I got home I phoned mtn to suspend the sim card. The next day I did a sim swop and assumed all was well. Later that evening I discovered that they people that stole my phone managed to do over R34000 worth of calls and sms, in a period after my phone was reported as stolen. Then began my 2 month journey of trying to get this sorted. MTN has admitted from the beginning that I won't be liable for those costs since it happened after I stopped the sim card. Unfortunately despite many query and billing requests I still managed to get an account for May 2017 that indicates that MTN will be debiting my account with that amount (which I anyways can't afford). After many more calls, talking to supervisors etc, I got told that the debit can't be stopped and that I would need to stop it at the bank. On the last day of the month I got the following message:

Good day Tom,

Please be advised that the amount of R33'512.08. has been credited due to a failed suspension of your sim card when you reported the phone stolen, please note that due to mag tapes sent ten days before the debit order date, the debit order for 2017-06-01, you can request your debit order to reverse the debit order as the money will be credited on the MTN account.


Kind Regards,
Prudence Ntuli
Customer Services

You can now text your query to us! Simply SMS 44303

Reference Number: ********** 3

I made arrangements since the debit couldn't be stopped and I promptly reversed it. My mistake was that I assumed that all is now good because of the email from Prudence. Unfortunately 2 weeks later I received my June 2016 invoice without any corrections and extra admin costs added since I reversed the debit. So currently MTN is gearing up to try and debit the amount from my account again. I had to go through a lot of trouble just to make sure the previous attempt didn't ruin me financially. Today I spoke to another supervisor and got told that the reference number for the correction (from the above email isn't even on the system), but he assured me he would get back to me with a phonecall with some information and solutions. Today another day has ended and I still haven't heard anything. I have re-explained the situation so many times to call center operators and supervisors that at this point I just can't anymore. At this point I have no idea what to do next...

1 week ago
Official business reply:

Thank you for your post.

 We are sorry to have disappointed you with our service and would like to assure you that we do strive to provide the best service at all times.

 We will engage with the relevant department dealing with these matters to investigate and resolve your problem accordingly.

 We understand that the entire experience must be very frustrating and hope that we can restore your faith in us.

warm regards


1 week ago

I'm sorry Mike, until someone actually phones me from mtn and explains what is going on, I have little faith.


I have heard this from everyone of your Supervisors that I spoke to and no one has gotten back to me:


" We will engage with the relevant department dealing with these matters to investigate and resolve your problem accordingly."

Waiting in anticipation...


1 week ago

I still haven't heard anything back yet?


But I got an sms today saying that my service will be suspended if I don't pay the R34k+



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