Poor Nursing in Panorama Mediclinic paediatric ward
Published by leanne-schroeder on Jun 13, 2017

Poor Nursing in Panorama Mediclinic paediatric ward

My 8 month old son was recently admitted with viral meningitis to Panorama Mediclinic's paediatric ward A. I love this hospital, but this experience was quite disturbing wrt nursing care of the following:

1. Medication not given on time. My son needed his next pain medication dose but was asleep. The nurse said to call her when he awoke. When we did this, she said there no longer is pain medication available and it must be ordered from the pharmacy!! And he was now crying from pain. His pain medication was for severe headaches from viral meningitis. The nurse then disappeared and never came back. I then had to ask the ward sister about the matter. She then ran to the pharmacy and administered the medication. This sister has been a star since the beginning we were there. With is and other patients. Sr Lianne Springfield needs a raise! 

2. Drip not flushed after Dr ordered this on morning ward round ataround 9h30am. Was only done several hours after (about 5 hrs).  i had to inform the Dr it wasnt done and the Dr had to again request nurses it be done! How much discomfort is the child not in for all this time!

3. Poor communication with parents of admitted child: Promised a single room then not informed this will not happen and not explained why while waiting for a response. An explanation was only given once I angrily took the matter up with them, the Dr and the hospital matron. All we asked for was some consideration and being informed in and about the decision making process about the room,  as we had alerted them repeatedly on wanting a single room.

4. Stable patients are looked over: Once the ward became busy with other kids, my son who was better but not fully healed,  was no longer being monitored as well as when he came in, only a day and a half before!

5. Bedding not changed at 11am the morning and nurses not knowing who is assigned to our room to do this!Had to ask a nurse to change bedding!!! And the nurses looked at each other and asked who is working in this ward. None knew who!! 

6. Physios collecting sputum samples in ward where ill children who struggle to sleep, are sleeping. This is a noisy and distrsseing procedure for the kiddie being treated. why can this noisy procedure not be done in the procedure room in the ward??? And not in a 4 bed ward with other sick children around??? 

7. Dismissive and aloof demeanour of ward A unit manager- name is Petro. Not a nice experience when talking to Petro about all my complaints listed above. She may deal with similar things on a daily basis, but she needs to add a human and sensitive touch to her personality and job! And when she turned to walk away from me, I noted a look of disdain and irritation on her face. I think this person should seriously be addressed!! 


All of this should be!!!




Dr Leanne Schroeder

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