Liberty Medical Scheme

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Liberty Medical Scheme

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Medical Aid
Reviewed by PaulPelser123 3


Membership no ********** 0.   We are trying  to get our account sorted which is one month behind.   We have missed a payment because of finanical strain and eventually death in the family.  On 27.07....

1 week ago
Medical Aid
Reviewed by kc01 7

useless medical aid

im waiting for days for just a tax letter,what's going to happen when i need to claim????

1 month ago
Medical Aid
Reviewed by chantelle0515 2

Useless and rude staff

Ive phoned 2 Months ago to cancel my  grand daughter off my medical aid.  Last month the deduction went off my bank account again, I want this money paid back to me!!!ASAP !!! Everytime I phone they j...

1 month ago
Medical Aid
Reviewed by nonhunhu 3

Liberty Med Scheme Unstated Rejection

I underwent a  laser eye surgery on 27/05/2016. I paid upfront for the procedure an amount of R27 000. I susequently sent claims to my medical aid Liberty med aid- Saver Select option. The scheme refu...

1 month ago
Medical Aid
Reviewed by JT1985 2

Dictating How To Spend Savings......

So yesterday morning, woke up to find my little boy of 2 years old had a huge red rash all over his bottom haf of his body, wife and i decided to get ready quick and take him through to the GP, within...

1 month ago
Medical Aid
Reviewed by ByronTheron 3

What the hell

I went for glasses a few months ago and the full amount for the glasses was taken off my medical savings and not the fund for glasses. I now subsequently have no medical savings left after the deducti...

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Liberty Medical Scheme