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LG Electronics

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1 day ago
Reviewed by mrp5007 2

Extremely expensive repairs

I bought a LG 3D tv two years ago. Based on the serial number, the warranty expired July this year. Needless to say, the tv became faulty during August. I contacted the LG call centre in order to dete...

1 week ago
Reviewed by TNNtloko 1

LG G4 Bootloop

I have owned LG mobile phones, L9,G2,G3 and now sadly the G4. I have been sitting without a phone for over a month now! One morning I took my phone of the counter to make a call, and off it went! Sinc...

1 week ago
Reviewed by benjamin1957 1

Untrained technicians to make money for LG

After putting through a service call for my LG dishwasher, a technician came out and gave a report on the problem. The dishwasher was not draining and three months previously LG had replaced the pump,...

1 week ago
Reviewed by sarel_rot 1

Dishwasher unrepairable after 4 years!!!

My dishwasher has a problem with its salt dispensing. I would fill the salt container, next day it is empty, the dishes have a terrible salt taste and salt layer to it and even stainless steel items s...

1 week ago

LG competition from fairprice

I won an LG competing from fair price and up to this day I was not given my entire price by fairprice, they always tell me that they are out of stock since March this year I suggested that take someth...

1 week ago
Reviewed by sunettebarnarde 7


Ihanded in my phone at vodacom with software issues. iIt charged and went on, but after a while froze after I I plugged it in at my computer.  They handed it back to me at told me that it was water da...

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LG Electronics