Defrauded with a smile
Published by Michellegh on Jul 13, 2017

Defrauded with a smile

My story began in 2015 when I had just gotten married and I decided to buy a car..I went to imperial kia Umhlanga and was approached by Vanessa , a sales lady that assisted me..she showed me a Nissan micra and asked for a holding deposit of R5000 (1000 / 4000)In cash.she was to deposit it and give me the receipt the next day..I gave it to her  as I trusted that she worked for a reputable organization.weeks passed I heard nothing from here..when I went to meet her she said the deal declined and my deposit was non refundable..believing her story..she showed me another car Kia soul...same thing  happened cash requested deal declined on affordability..non refundable..being so desperate as a newlywed to get our own vehicle I again went to have a look at another vehicle she had called me to see, a polo ...same story paid 5000 ...non refundable.we eventually got a car which had to be bought on my brothers name  an i10 1.2 gls December R 98000 she said the deposit will be shown in the contract.but it this year thinking that she was trying to help and not knowing she had defrauded me..I told Vanessa my hubby and I want to trade the car in and get a bigger vehicle for our family..she advised me to transfer the vehicle bought in my brothers name we should pay 3500 and I chose the Kia shortage ..4months down the line nothing ...we then saw her ..emailed her...saw her again...excuses all the time..Then Vanessa said the we had to see another car ECO SPORT..which we needed to put another 1000...suffice to say...she didn't take my calls ,vanessa left as she was now relocating with her husband .when we contacted her she said she took the money home and has it in her safe took her 3weeks to pay me back which eventually her husband had to pay why. I don't know because she said it was in her safe..anyway the manager Rob managed to get my R3500 + 1000 back but said I should forget about the money Vanessa has defrauded me from...why!!why should I not get it back..there should be camera footage of me handing the money to her and I am not the only one she has done this to..there was a nurse that she had taken "holding deposits"from as well which was discreetly sorted out. If need be I will pay for a lie detector test.I have yet to get feed back from the dealer principle or the manager..all I want is my refund of R15000..which their staff stole from Kia Umhlanga  stalling as she is moving to Dubai with her husband in July...

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