KFC Randpark Ridge - A Disgrace to KFC
Published by oliviermuts on May 15, 2017

KFC Randpark Ridge - A Disgrace to KFC

This review is about KFC Randpark Ridge, Trinity Village, Knoppiesdoring street.


KFC Randpark Ridge does not live up to the standards of other KFCs and this has been on-going for years!
I moved in the area in February 2015 and from my first visit to this KFC till this date, it has been getting worse!


When you drive-thru at this KFC, a voice welcomes you at the drive-thru speaker and asks you to go straight to the last window (skipping the order/cash window)
Once you're at the last window, they take your order and cook it while you wait! this creates a ridiculous queue at the drive-thru. At first they used to do this past 11PM only and their reason was that they were short-staffed (reason they still use to date - for more than 2 years).


My worst experience was on 21st Jan 2017, around 7PM. I arrived at the KFC and I was number 9 in the queue. As usual the voice at the speaker tells me to drive to the last window and I waited 45min (no way to exit the drive through because there are cars behind).
It was finally my turn, I get to the last window 45min later... I order some chicken and the lady tells me that I'll have to wait 30min for them to cook it since they were very busy at that time of the day (they ran out)... and asks me to park on the side while I wait!!! (If they had taken my order by the speaker shortly after I arrived, this would not have happened).
This was going to be 75 min in total just to get 4 burgers and some streetwise chicken!!! ****ed that I was, I left and went to the McDonald's across the road (excelent and speedy service at that McDonald's by the way).


I stay about 1km from KFC Randpark Ridge, but I sometimes have to drive 4-5km to other KFCs when I feel like KFC, and this does not make sense. the level of service should be the same across all KFCs.

Should this franchise not live up to the KFC standards, please shut it down. it is such a disgrace.
This happened to me again this past Sunday (14 may 2017) at 11 am where there were just 2 cars in front of me but I spend about 15min in the drive-thru. This time I hooted and as usual a guy comes out of the cash window and tells me that they're short-staffed and I must drive to the last window. really? I forced him to take my order on the terminal otherwise, I would report the franchise. which he did. Thankfully my order was ready by the time I reached the last window because I had to threaten them!


I am not making this up... please find more reviews below
https://www.hellopeter.com/kfc/reviews/pathetic-service-1 ********** 136


Please KFC, do something about this franchise or close it.

1 week ago
Official business reply:

Good Morning

Thank you for taking the time to correspond with the KFC Customer Care.

Please note that we will be in contact soon.

Kind Regards

KFC Customer Care

0860 100 222

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