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Jeep Apparel

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1 week ago

Poor quality

I bought a long sleeved shirt for my husband at Jeep Irene. We did not see the mark on the sleeve in the store because it was on sale. No wonder!!!!! We washed the shirt and when en took it out of the...

4 months ago
Reviewed by Magda41 1

Brand new Jeep shoes tarring appart after two days only

I bought a pair of Jeep shoes from a store in Kempton park, expecting that it should be a very good quality the brand JEEP and the cost of the shoes R1400 , but on the SECOND day I put on my Jeep shoe...

6 months ago


Unable to use my voucher unless I spend the equivalent in cash as what the voucher is for otherwise I cannot use the voucher they told me they are closing down and that is the policy soI loos my mon...

6 months ago
Reviewed by sarelpretorius6 4


I bought a pair of Jeep sandals last year Nov/Dec and as one would expect good quality of the brand and the price also confirmed it, but After 2 days of wearing it did the inner sole came loose from...

10 months ago
Reviewed by AntvanHeerden 2

Excellent service

On Friday the 30th of October we had the best service at Canal walk. Thanks ladies for your effort, we certainly bought more than we planned too....

1 year ago
Reviewed by gideondg 4

Not as tough as i thought

I started with a new company just over 2 months ago and bought myself new work attire, including shoes. I opted for a pair of Jeep work shoes, as one would expect good quality of the brand and the pri...

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Jeep Apparel