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FAQ's for new businesses

Whether you are new to's csrm platform or you are a seasoned expert, sometimes you need a little extra help! That is why we have put together these frequently asked questions to help you out.

All About Subscriptions Review Guidelines Fraud Guidelines Listing Guidelines Ranking Guidelines Widget Guidelines provides businesses with a suite of tools and products dedicated to assisting them in tracking, managing, improving and reporting on their customer service using a centralised platform, while at the same time offering a wide range of targeted marketing solutions to help promote and advertise your business to a captive, relevant and engaged audience.

The hpi is’s industry standard barometer for measuring the health of an organisation’s customer service. Controlled by a proprietary set of algorithms that measures a wide range of corporate activities (number of reviews, sentiment, rating, response time and conversions) the hpi will accurately rank and rate businesses according to their customer service worth. This gives every business the opportunity to quickly compare and benchmark your business relative to your competition.

You’ll find a wide range of businesses that use
Businesses that want to:
a. Track, manage, improve and report on their customer service utilising a centralised platform
b. Control their online reputation.
c. Utilise independent and credible data to better understand the needs of their customers
d. Compare their customer service levels with their competitors
e. Take advantage of our targeted advertising engine to reach captive, engaged and relevant users who are reviewing businesses or searching for information about businesses.
f. Brand exposure through businesses listings, reviews and advanced search functionality
g. Engage in real-time with their customers using LiveReview and LiveQ&A

Where do we start! So much has changed for businesses. We’ve re-built our platform from the ground up.
Click here to find out more about our new platform

We now provide businesses with 4 extremely powerful features:

1. csrm (Customer Services Reputation Management) Platform – a powerful set of API controlled functions, tools and reports giving businesses a central management dashboard to manage and measure their customer service analytics, and take direct action to engage and interact with their customers. Click here to find out more

2. Connect - a suite of tools and functions that allow you to engage with your customers in real-time on any device at any time. No longer is your customer service reactive – using connect, you can now offer customer service directly to your existing customers, and to potentially new customers that our system finds for you! Click here to find out more

3. Brand Exposure – helps expose your brand to millions of eyeballs each month through business listings, reviews and advanced search functionality. With lead generation 
forms, contact information, links to your social profiles and websites as well as featured adverts, news, promotions and more, you can now place your most valuable sales information directly into the hands of the consumer. Click here to find out more

4. Ads - help businesses achieve their goals by creating targeted adverts for different audiences, setting budgets and measuring the results across various devices. Click here to find out more

We’ve created a free package so you can now respond to every review published. Click here to find out more about our packages.

You have the option of selecting from one of our 6 different packages. Don’t want to take out a subscription – don’t worry; we’ve catered for your every need. You can now select any of our out of bundle features on a “pay as you use basis”. Click here and get started today!

No you don’t! now gives all businesses the opportunity to respond to unlimited reviews. However, non-paying businesses will not have access to consumer contact information, consumer profiling, notifications, and will only be able to reply once to a review.

Absolutely! It's a great idea to ask customers to review your business. It shows that you care about their feedback and improving your business. Just keep in mind that you can't offer customers any incentives for writing reviews. The review must be completely independent, unbiased and represent factual experiences. Don’t be surprised if our hpi algorithm penalises your score if you in breach of our content guidelines and terms of service.

No. Reviews will remain on the site indefinitely. However a business may mark a review as inappropriate and our support team will verify the contents with the publisher. Should the contents be untruthful and not represent the facts, the review will be removed. Our support team will also remove reviews that violate our content guidelines and terms of service.

All reviews are published on unless they violate our content guidelines and terms of service.

Yes. Every review that does not violate our content guidelines and terms of service is published on is not designed as a platform for vicious slander.
Any review that violates our content guidelines and terms of service will be deleted immediately.

Free and paid business subscribers of will be notified immediately when a review is published, and be able to respond. We only share your contact information with paid business subscribers that you have reviewed.

One of the most important things to consider is that the way you respond is often more important than the original review/comment.

• Don't get angry, defensive or overly contrite.
• Acknowledge the feedback, even if you disagree with it - thank them for taking the time to provide their feedback.
• Understand their intent - is it to resolve an issue, be heard, provoke a discussion...
• Ensure you understand the full issue - ask for more information, details, specifics so you can properly address / resolve.
• Respond accordingly - if you should be apologising, do it and do it as soon as possible. If you should be expanding or explaining, do so. If the comments are unfounded, explain (in a diplomatic way) why your 'perspective' is different.
• Ask for suggestions about how you can resolve the situation
• End with a solution or resolution (a thank you also helps as well)

There has been some good conversation around whether to take this offline or keep it online. If someone has addressed you online, you should be responding online. However, there may be a point where it is beneficial to eventually take the conversation offline. We strongly suggest that if this is done that the resolution be addressed online, i.e. "Thank you for taking the time to discuss this with me offline, where we could better discuss the details of your issue. I'm so happy we were able to resolve your issue by doing xxx. I appreciate you taking the time to provide your feedback." The best scenario is that this prompts a delighted response from the consumer and a change of sentiment resulting in an increase of the initial star rating.

NO! If you are a paying subscriber you will automatically get this information. If you are on our free package, unfortunately we do not provide this information. If you violate our terms of service, don’t be surprised if we penalise your hpi.

NO! We do not screen any reviews prior to publishing.

Visitors to have the expectation that the site will provide them with unbiased reviews and content. Consumers who wish to share their personal experiences with the community provide this content. is committed to ensuring the integrity of the content it collects and provides to its community of consumers and businesses.
Any attempts to mislead, influence or impersonate a consumer is considered fraudulent, and is subject to penalties. This may include but is not limited to:

• Writing a review for your own business, on behalf of a business a consumer is employed at, or the reviewing party owns, manages, or has a financial interest in.
• Utilising any optimisation company, marketing organisation, or third party to submit reviews.
• Impersonating a competitor.
• Offering incentives in exchange for reviews, including discounts, upgrades or special treatment.
• Asking friends or relatives to write positive reviews.
• Submitting reviews on behalf of consumers.
• Selectively soliciting reviews only from consumers who have had a positive experience.
• Pressuring consumers to remove a negative review on
• Asking consumers to remove their reviews in return for a discount or incentive.
• Prohibiting or discouraging guests from posting negative or critical reviews of their experience.
• You should NOT write reviews of direct competitors, even if they are relaying a genuine experience.

Yes. If you feel the contents of a review do not represent the facts, please feel free to report the review. Our support team will be sure to get hold of the customer to verify the contents.

To report an inappropriate review simply search for it on our platform and click the "Report this review" button and complete the short form. We'll take care of the rest.

Our support team will first determine if the content violates our content guidelines and terms of service.
If the content is in violation, the report will be deleted immediately.
If the content is not in violation, the team will immediately try to get hold of the customer to verify the content of the review. If the customer fails to respond within 48 hours, we will delete the review. If the customer responds within 48 hours, and is adamant that the content is factual, the review will not be deleted simply because there is a disagreement about its contents.

If we determine that there are fraudulent reviews submitted for a business, there are several possible consequences:

• Penalties will be applied to a business's hpi and their ranking will drop. This will cause the business to appear lower down in a list of similar businesses, meaning the business in question could appear on the third page of results instead of the first.
• The business will no longer be eligible for recognition in the form of top lists, news and press releases.
• A large red penalty notice, explaining that the business’ reviews are suspicious, may appear on the listing page. We post these warnings rather than removing the business from the site entirely because the notice gives consumers the information they need to make the most informed decisions.
• We may block or remove the fraudulent reviews.

We gather this type of information from public records. We also get business information from our users who are helpful enough to correct the information we have or let us know about something new. ranks business search results utilising a combination of the hpi and our location-based software. We try to return results filtered by the highest hpi closest to your location. If we are unable to determine your location, we simply return results based on the hpi. You will also see “sponsored listings” when you search for a business or industry. These are “sponsored listings” that are paid for by businesses.

Business and industry search result pages often feature one or more clearly labeled sponsored Ads or sponsored listings, but’s numbered search results (all of the other listings in white background) have absolutely nothing to do with who is paying us. These are simply ranked by your hpi. Very simply, you are in control of this – the higher your hpi, the higher your ranking.

Recent reviews, Supercharge reviews, and reviews on a business listing page:
• Rank by time.

Popular reviews
• Utilise our recommendation software, which runs on a daily basis, so the results can constantly change. You’ll sometimes see situations where a review is recommended or not recommended days, weeks, or even months after it is initially posted.

No. treats advertisers and non-advertisers exactly the same. You’ll find plenty of advertisers with negative reviews, and plenty of non-advertisers with five-star ratings across the board.

No. You can't pay us to remove or reorder your bad reviews — it's just that simple.

Widgets allow you to add content to your own website. Some widgets display your latest reviews and awards, while others promote the best reviews, link to your business page, or encourage customers to review your business.

To add a widget to your site, simply visit the Tools section inside your csrm and follow the instructions for each widget. In most cases its as easy as inserting a few lines of HTML into your site’s source code. We also make it easy for you to email the required code to your webmaster.

A wide range of tools and widget are available to promote your business. For a full list, login to your csrm and visit the "Tools" section for more information.

We will allow you to edit and upgrade your package. Unfortunately, this feature is currently not available. We will be releasing it in the short term.

Unfortunately we do not allow any downgrades during your subscription period. On your renewal anniversary you can select any package.