3 Year old prohibitted from boarding Domestic flight despite parent showing Unabridged Birth Certificate
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Published by wesleyhanes on Jan 8, 2017

3 Year old prohibitted from boarding Domestic flight despite parent showing Unabridged Birth Certificate

Hi my name is Wesley


This morning at 8:40 AM I had a flight booked for me and my 3 year old son from PE to JHB,

I booked the flights online on the 29th December. The tickets cost me R2000 each which means I spent a total of R4000 and this was exluding and food on board and only a 7KG hand luggage limit.


When we checked in I provided my ID which I always have on me and unfortunately I do not carry my sons birth certificate around however I have a very high Quality full color scan on my phone which is of his original unabridged birth certificate which I have used before when flying domestic with Mango and have never had any problems, all other institutions have accepted it such as his school and the Court where I am currently having custody arrangements re-evaluated.


The Check-In counter refused to allow my 3 year old son to board the plane because they said they wanted a "Hard certified copy" of his birth certificate and that is stipulated this in Flysafair's terms and conditions. I looked in the Terms and conditions and I still cannot find this anywhere.


I then explained to the consultant that I did not have his original on me and that it is at home in Johannesburg at my house, they were very unsimpathetic and continued to refuse his boarding.

I then offered to phone my ex wife so that they could confirm that my son may board the plane and they refused, I wanted to show them our devorce decree and a bunch of other proof but they refused to assist and they even accused me of being a child trafficer. 


After much fighting I had to leave my son with my mother who is his grandmother and board the plane alone, my son cried for me while I went through boarding gate security and I could do nothing about it despite telling him all morning and the previous day that we would be flying home together the next day.


SAfair have bluntly refused to refund me for my son's ticket or make any other refunds despite having to now arrange for 1 of my parents to drop him off and fly back with him to get him home.


I would like to say that I do not like the way FlySAfair staff treat their customers, the "Senior Customer Service Agent" at PE airport named Adel Becker was extremely rude and walked away mid conversation. She made references to T&C's that i can't even find on the website anywhere and did not really have any respect for any of the customers.


I would like a refund of my son's ticket back onto my credit card including the Taxes, and I will make a booking with another airline or arrange to drive and fetch my son half-way in Bloemfontein.

4 months ago

Flysafair has eventually refunded me my sons ticket of R2000 which I am eternally grateful for, it is just a pitty that I had to fight with them for so long and had to send them copies of their old T&C's after they ammended them a week after my complaint...luckily they were still up on the website in the downloads folder as a pdf.

Thank you Flysafair

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