Dishonest business conduct
Published by Frustrated!!##!! on Jan 10, 2017

Dishonest business conduct

I puchased flip flops for my husband as a gift on 3 December from Flip Flop Shops in Menlyn centre. I was excited because they stock up to a size 17 and my husband struggles to find flip flops to fit due to a very high bridge on his feet.  I saw the shopnotice that they refuse to give your monay back and will exchange the shoes within 30 days which was not a problem because I was confident that the flops would fit.  Unfortunately the bridge was not high enough and I had to exchange the flops, which I did on 17 December, hoping the different brand and size would fit and even paid in because the flops were more expensive.  Sadly these did not fit either and I returned again to the shop requesting a refund on Saturday 7 January 2017.  The shop assistant Thelma immediately informed me with a "smug" attitude that they do not refund and I MUST take something else.  She used the word a 2nd time to tell me I MUST fit the shoes.  I insisted on having a refund because why MUST I buy flops that I don't need for myself and don't want.  Why MUST the company retain my money and then continue dishonestly to keep my money by telling me I MUST buy something else because they don't have flops that will fit my husband. 

I believe I handed my hard earned money over to them in trust and the stubbornly stick to dishonest business practices.

I did all I could to even pay in on the 1st pair to try and get the right fit.

Why MUST I now take something in exchange that I don't want and don't need.  I was told by Thelma if I don't exchange for something else they will give me a voucher and I can come back during a later time to redeem the voucher.


After I have been treated like this, and being told what I (the consumer) MUST do, I never want to do business with Flip Flop Shops again.

The manager Chris Pavli at ********** 100 also bluntly refused to be helpful.  He says those are his rules and I MUST abide by his rules.

Consumer Anize **********

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