Cell C unauthorised content services
Published by mro on Jan 11, 2017

Cell C unauthorised content services

Cell C has charged me unauthorised content services for 3 months on my data sim.  As soon as I received a sms informing me about this (3 months in!) I complained about this several times by email & phone.

Cell C are expecting me to contact the external content service provider with whom I had NO contact whatsoever and sort this out with them!?

Cell C are the ones who charged me unlawfully and fraudulently as I did not agree to these content services. 

Therefore my point is Cell C must give me the credit and sort out their procedures in which they allow other companies to defraud me.

Cell C should have a procedure in which they request by sms authorisation to content services before they charge anyone anything extra on anyone's account

2 months ago
Official business reply:

We will ensure that this matter is sorted. Apologies for the inconvenience caused. One of our team members will contact you and assist.


Cell C | DA

2 months ago
Official business reply:

Derrick confirmed that he has contacted you and advised on a way forward.



Cell C | DA

2 months ago

The way forward they suggested is to contact the external provider, apparantly a MIRA subscriptions, and dependant on their reply request a credit from them. 

This means that this Mira can do just whatever they want and charge whomever they want without providing Cell C with proof.

This is a data card for heaven's sake - why will I request to receive ridiculous SMS's on a data package?

This is NOT satisfactory as I did not give Cell C or anybody else in this world permission to charge me for external services  - I want proof where I gave them permission. 

This just means daylight robbery on a large scale as I see many complaints for these unauthorised WASPS -The Wireless Application Service Providers

2 months ago

This is so pathetic as my number does not appear anywhere on these so-called "proof" spreadsheets which Mira have sent Cell C as proof that I subscribed.
On top of that it seems to me that Mira operate by sending a request to join and if Mira does not get a negative answer from the subscriber it seems that they just assume that the subscriber is agreeing? Is this correct?
I have a DATA PACKAGE. If I am correct in the deduction that Mira just sends a request to join and failing an answer assumes that the subscriber is agreeing, then ALL data packages will not answer Mira back.

This is EXTREMELY unacceptable.

2 months ago
Official business reply:

Derrick has been in contact with you to assist and advise on a way forward regarding this matter.

Cell C | PN

2 months ago

Mira company and Cell C, 

I have NOT subscribed to your ridiculous Club68 I do not even know what it is still till today.

Your  second bit of technical “proof” is still incorrect in my view.

I will send by email my image of text messages on the data SIM to disprove your claims:

1.       There was NO welcome message on 29/09/2016

2.       There was NO reminder message on 29/10/2016

3.       The FIRST reminder message was on 28/11/2016

Immediately upon noticing it – remember this is a data SIM, not a phone where messages are checked on a daily basis, I searched for the USSD code to cancel it, and I sent an email to Cell C to credit and cancel also.

 I demand (1) a credit for ALL debits made by yourselves on my account; and (2) that you change your systems to be more fair when enrolling by making it a double commitment, as for clicking once, and then getting a pop-up saying are you sure? This will cost money! etc. so that these things are not easily disguised as other “next” and again “next” which one must do on a legitimate site like Cell C.

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