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How does help expose your brand? helps expose your brand to millions of eyeballs each month through business listings, reviews and advanced search functionality. How visible your brand will be and how much exposure you will receive is in part controlled by your level of customer service. The better your customer feedback and the quicker you resolve a customer's issue the higher up in our search ranking your business will be.


A index (hpi)

The index (hpi) is our industry standard barometer for measuring the health of your organisation's customer service. Controlled by a proprietary set of algorithms that measure a wide range of activities (the number of reviews your business receives, sentiment, rating, your response time and conversions) the hpi will accurately rank and rate corporates according to their customer service worth.

Business Listing

Business Listing page

All the information your customers need to know about your business, in one place! With an advanced business listing, your business gains access to a wide range of promotional features to fill your listing page with valuable customer information. With lead generation options, LiveChat functionality, links to your business website, blogs, social networks and more, you can share as much information as you want!

Increased Traffic

Increased Traffic

Our consumer loyalty programme encourages users to write more reviews and interact with your brand on our website. Our gamification, social media strategy and other consumer benefits will lead to increased traffic on our platform, which in turn leads to increased eyeballs on your reviews and listings. Together with advertising, you have a powerful platform working for you to drive traffic to the most important parts of your business.

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