Bad service at Burberry in Sandton
Published by zod22110 on Jul 16, 2017

Bad service at Burberry in Sandton

I bought a belt at burberry in Sandton last year . Beginning of this year the belt buckle was broken. I returned the belt to burberry in April this year. When I left the belt i was asked when I bought the belt and if I had a receipt. I said i don't remember exact date but it was last year either in January or june because thats when i remembered buying anything from them. They did not insist on a receipt but that I must tell them which month because they can check on their invoices and log a damage report. When I asked them about why they ask your details when you buy and should they not have a list of items bought under your name and when they said they did not. I waited for them to check and get back to me nothing happened. A month later i called and asked what was happening I was told they were waiting for me to bring a receipt. I then found two receipts from them and called them and told them the contents and they said they will log the damage report which should take 2 months to get a reply i then waited. I continued calling for an update and was told to wait. Two months ended and I did not hear from them when I called I was told that my belt request was declined because time for warranty had expired. I asked which time they said because they did not have a receipt they had put April on the damage report and it was now june. When i questioned this and where april came from no one could answer this. I was then told that what they could do was fix the belt at my expense. I said if that is the case then I will pick my belt and fix it myself. They then said no the manager has made an exception and they will fix it at their expense. I asked the time frame for this because by now it was the 5 th of Julyand I had already so long for this issue to be resolved, they said it took a week to fix damages. On the 8 July I sent an email to them requesting the specific date for the return of the belt and that email was not replied. A week later i had not heard from them so I called and left messages which were not returned by the lady dealing with this matter. On the 16 of july I decided to go to the store after several attempts to get hold of this lady and I asked to speak to a manager and  understand what is going on. She told me that they sent the belt to levingers and they were told they did not have a ***** for the belt and they were now waiting to send it to other place for repairs. I asked why have i not been informed of this and why my calls were not returned no one could answer except they were sorry. I then said why they are more than happy to sell their expensive branded items but are not willing to service them after the sale. The assistant manager to me that they are a franchise store and don't have access to Burberry international for after sales service so they try and repair products themselves after the sale if they can't then tough luck. I asked why are customers not informed about this at the point of sale so they know that their expensive item is worth nothing after i was told that is how it is. 

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