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Brooks and Luyt

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Financial Services
Reviewed by janniebonnet 1

Incompetent & deaf

B&L keep phoning & smsing me saying that I have been handed over for outstanding Woolworths & Truwoths accounts. I DO NOT HAVE THESE ACCOUNTS. My phonenumber is used by a G. MAKHENA. Try telling these...

2 days ago
Financial Services
Reviewed by sanmari-pienaar 1

Standard Bank Statement

My Standard Bank account has been in arrears and a settlement has been negotiated with Brooks and Luyt.    However I have been trying to get a statement of my account out of Brooks and Luyt for more...

2 days ago
Financial Services
Reviewed by Paulf0063 1

Statements just change

So for the last couple months I have kept asking for a statement and never received. Eventually I got one on Monday. What I shock!! My debt had increase by R6,400 and the statement does not even agree...

3 days ago
Financial Services
Reviewed by kerynjaye 1

Brooks and Luyt - the ideal bully

i have a credit card that has handed over to Brooks and Luyt for collection. I was absolutly happy they got in touch to sort the matter out. a monthly amount was organised for debit order. I called to...

1 week ago
Financial Services
Reviewed by yolanda-vermeulen 1

Extortion - Collection fees

My Woolies account was handed over to B&L in 2013 after I made arrangements with them and they ensured me that they will not hand me over.  Well since March 2013 I have had the pleasure to deal with i...

1 week ago
Financial Services
Reviewed by JoAnneNordin 2

Prescriped debt

Good Morning I urgently need assistance as Brooks and Luyt Attorneys is harrasing me for prescriped debt, which I cant even remember I had. According to my knowledge its more than a few years ago whic...

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Brooks and Luyt