Poor arrangement could cost me the opertunity to immegrate to Australia
Published by WJ Coetzee on Mar 15, 2017

Poor arrangement could cost me the opertunity to immegrate to Australia

In an effort to improve my IELTS test results I travelled from PMB to Pretoria in February 2017 to attend a IELTS test as no openings were available in Durban for me to get my results in time to submit my EOI for an Australian visa by June 2017. 

After a comedy of errors starting with the scheduling of my Speaking test and further compounded by poor handling of technical errors with the sound system my exam day turned into a nightmare which I don’t wish upon anybody.  Watching the time flying by while trying to concentrate hoping to still make my flight eventually took its toll during the Written exam section.  I returned home desponded that evening after spending additional money to move my return flight.

On the day of the exam I was told to log a complaint stating my case which I did.  But this proved to be a simple administrative process as to date I only received one email to state that my complaint has been noted with the usual dose of lip service indemnifications.

On the receipt of my results I was not surprised at the scores, three sections above 8 and a 6.5 for the Written exam.  The next exam date available was April 2017 which closed out any chance of a successful application before my next birthday in June 2017.

I have since spend the last month trying to get a formal response from the British Council as to if there is any way they can assist me to get into an earlier exam but came to the realisation today that the British Council have no interest in responding to my requests, and therefore I should investigate other alternatives.

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