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Avon Justine

2.3/10 hpi
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5 hours ago
Reviewed by AK147 1

Fraudulent activity

I recently requested a transunion credit report and found that I have 2 open accounts with Avon Justine. I have never opened any such account. How do these people just operate, I have seen a few compl...

5 days ago
Reviewed by zakz786 1

Avon not good service

Hi i have ordered a foot spa treatment and guess what  you guys only sent me one product on the three and the entire package was R 99.00 i had to pay R 75.00 for just a lavender oil , i have emailed a...

6 days ago
Reviewed by Nursten 1

I am just utterly frustrated, furious, tired...disappointed, exasperated with AVON

This has been going on since July!!!  I am not being threatened with ITC and I HAVEN'T RECEIVED A SINGLE PRODUCT!!!!  AND IVE BEEN INVOICED 3 TIMES FOR THE SAME GOODS - AND RECEIVED NOTHING!!!  I have...

6 days ago
Reviewed by eltino 3

ITC Profile messed up

Acc: ********** ********** - why have you listed me as a bad payer on ITC- needed help but call centre offline all day, no response ********** Please amend your records and urgently supply me wit...

6 days ago
Reviewed by ytania-van-zyl 1


AVON REP CHARNINE NIENABER... AND "ABE" TRYING TO PUT ME IN BAD STANDING WITH ITC... i have requested a copy of my invoice on numerous occasions... FOR MONTHS... not one of them have managed to send i...

6 days ago
Reviewed by l1986 9

Once again left with no options

No one at the Avon office is getting back to me regarding my commission not being paid in full and also one of my reps returned products almost 2 months ago and the credit has still not been passed....

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Avon Justine