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Avon Justine

2.7/10 hpi
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3 days ago
Reviewed by lindstroyer 1


I bought stuff worth of R500, returned it the day I received it as it was damaged and I was unsatisfied with it, it has been 2 to 3 months, I don't have the stock, I don't have my money. I also have n...

3 days ago
Reviewed by Charne Visagie 10


Paid money to Avon on 2 occasions earlier this week. YET it is still not reflecting on my account. Every time I call the Avon Credit Contol number, I get a different story. In the past it took no long...

5 days ago
Reviewed by Zaniganz 1

AVON - NO SERVICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am an Avon representative and each month I realise that I should just STOP. I receive noooooo service. I have sent numerous emails and also with the Team Leaders no response.   Avon invoiced incor...

5 days ago
Reviewed by melz0706 4

Terrible service

i recently did a credit check on myself only to notice that i have a avon account which i never knew about untill now. i called the call center informing them that it was fraud as i was listed becaus...

6 days ago
Reviewed by l1986 4

hurts me to do this but i don't have any other option

i have been selling avon since 2005, been a team leader for 8 months now. your service keeps going downhill.  my reps accounts has still not been fixed after i have been hounding end resending proof...

6 days ago
Reviewed by TheunisG 11

Your account will be rectified

BOOM...almost a month later and my account is still not rectified but once agian due to a LACK OF SERVICE FOR AVON my account is still not updated and ONCE AGAIN they will me for late payments. Pleas...

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Avon Justine