Claim with ABSA Bank
Published by sarel2602 on Jun 13, 2017

Claim with ABSA Bank

Had an burglary on 27 May 2017.

1 June 2017 i received the following E-Mail:

Good day Mr. Venter,

 Please note that we have appointed one of our internal assessors to come out and do a report for us.

I see the assessor accepted the appointment yesterday around  11:00am.

Please note that they usually respond with 24 hours unless there is another reason for it.I anticipate they should contact within today still.

I will as well follow up with the assessor on this during the day and provide feedback if you have not yet been contacted.

Kind Regards,

 Thubelihle Mbatha  |  Consultant FNOL  |  Absa Insurance Company

Tel +27 (0)860 100 876  l Email  **********

Absa, 3rd Floor, Barclays Towers North, 180 Commissioner street, Johannesburg, 2001

Assessor assessed and gave feedback to ABSA.  13 jUNE: 2 E- Mails send to:


Can you please give me feedback on the status of my claim as this timeline gets unacceptable. NO REPLY


Can you please give me feedback on the above claim.  I don’t get any feedback from ABSA.

As you will see the claim is long outstanding.

 Can you please give this matter urgent attention.                                                                                                    NO REPLY


Sarel Venter.

All assessments were done.

Is this really the service from ABSA ?

 What next?

1 week ago
Official business reply:

Dear Customer

Thank you for bringing this matter to our attention. Kindly provide us with your account/policy/ID number to log a formal complaint for investigation. Also use the private reply for me to see the details. We will investigate the matter and furnish feedback shortly.

Kind regards
Nthabiseng Sibande
Group Customer Care
Absa Bank Ltd

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